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The United Arab Emirates is the federation of the seven individual emirates that are: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. The unification occurred on December 2, 1971; however, before the year 1971 the emirates states were called as Truncal States. Historical facts state that Qatar and Bahrain refused to be included in UAE despite of persistent efforts made. Surrounded by Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia, it owns great geopolitical importance in the region. Abu Dhabi is the active capital of the country and the embodiment of the global city type in the region. UAE owns the desert climate with extreme temperatures in all seasons, along with having cooler temperatures in the eastern regions; which is mostly covered by mountains. Occurrences of windstorm are frequent while some of other issues are increasing pollution from construction and oil spills and desertification.

The United Arab Emirates is undeniably the epitome and power and strong nation in the Muslim World. In the time period of less than 50 years, the whole world witnessed the mega transformation from a basic Bedouin society to one of the most advanced countries. The infrastructure depicts the unmatchable development, beautiful skyscrapers and man-made islands have become the identity symbols. It has set the profound example that how available resources can lead towards the economic stability and sequenced development. UAE is the third largest oil producer in the world with the functional operations of oil supply many countries across the continents. 

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UAE’s hydrocarbon industry is responsible for the provision of continuous wealth stream. As it owns the seventh largest oil reserves along with fifth-largest gas reserves; which is undoubtedly huge. Data collected through online essay help shows that more the 25% of the total GDP is contributed by Oil and gas outputs alone. However, the country has been wisely shifting the dependency solely from the natural supplies to stabilizing economy from different factors. 


The initiatives have been taken by the acting UAE government consecutively on federal and regional levels to achieve continual improvements. Wide-ranging lucrative capital markets have been launched for foreign investments creating a shared participation and welcoming culture. UAE leadership is ensuring the implementation of plans and strategies that will be road to advancement in the long run. In addition to that, UAE paid a vigilant attention towards the correct utilization of its natural resource sunlight and through strategic initiative, it is one of the largest providers of the solar power in the world.

Another commendable and groundbreaking industry of the United Arab Emirates is the tourism. With number of billions spent on aesthetically pleasing and geometrically attractive luxury hotels, tourists’ spots and endless entertainment options, tourist industry is the major revenue driver of the country. According to the statistical data showed on academic help in UAE, Emirates Airline owned by the UAE government is the fourth largest operating airline in the world with the range of the biggest fleets. Furthermore, it has been estimated that airline would put forward the definite share of around 32% to the total GDP in the following years.  

Moving towards the culture and societal characteristics of the United Arab Emirates, there’s a lot to address. UAE owns a multicultural and multiethnic society the provides the equal share of rights to everybody. The culture preaches the Islamic values of kindness and love and acknowledges the significance of other cultures and races. Due to millions of immigrants settled in the Emirates, there has been a diversification in the cultural norms and stereotypes. In ancient buildings, museums, artwork and cuisines, you’ll find traditional touch of religion and values. Azaan is called five times a day for Muslims, however churches, Hindu temples and other religious places are also found. There’s freedom of the religious expression and one has the ultimate right to pursue the wanted lifestyle. Whether you’re an expat, settled immigrant or from a group of minorities, you’ll be facilitated in the same manner. Supporting the previous statements, it can be confidently concluded that with so many advantages and freedom being offered, UAE is the wise choice to settle down if you’re searching one.

The United Arab Emirates is the symbol of uprising power, extraordinary advancement and the accelerating economy; more lucrative projects and initiatives are expected from the country in the future.

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