The world is suffering from a pandemic. People from all over the world have been badly affected by the outbreak. The virus that started from China had spread all over the world. The main problem occurred when a proper vaccine for it could not be found. The virus is so contagious that it became impossible to control it. The virus traveled from country to country with the people. It took away many lives and left many weak. According to a research done by online assignment writing service, the economies of all countries started to crash, no matter how big the economy was, everything came down and people had to face major losses.

There are more than 13.1 million coronavirus cases that have been reported worldwide. The number of deaths reported from the coronavirus outbreak is more than 7.23 million and the number of people recovered is more than 572 thousand so far. The people are constantly suffering, they have been traumatized in ways that one can’t just simply imagine. The outbreak has put a lot of restrictions, one can’t socialize or even go to work. This led to downsizing because of which many people lost their jobs. People have become bankrupt. They can’t meet their families and friends because of lockdown by governments to avoid further spread of the virus. People are required to practice social distancing so that the spread gets controlled. Wearing masks has become mandatory and so has the usage of sanitizers. The virus enters the body from the mouth, nose, and ears. It stays on the surface for the longest time and when one gets infected, the virus starts damaging the body organs which causes death.


The United Arab Emirates have always been one of the most famous traveling destination. People from all over the world come to the United Arab Emirates for vacations, better living lifestyle and to find job opportunities. UAE is the best example of globalization. The traveling from the country and to the country is very easy and accessible. This is why a lot of people tend to travel to the UAE but this time traveling had a major negative impact. The outbreak reached the beautiful lands of the United Arab Emirates. The coronavirus traveled into UAE and infected more than 55,198K people out of which 45,513 people recovered and sadly 334 people died because of the virus. The law enforcement is extremely strict in the region and that led to an extremely strict lockdown by the state. The people are supposed to pay heavy fines if they go against the law. People in order to avoid those fines, follow the laws and regulations given by the state. The strictness helped the state to impose a lockdown that is beneficial for the people of the country. Everybody followed the lockdown rules and this led to a very controlled outbreak in the region if we compare it with other countries, the United Arab Emirates still have lesser number of cases. This has saved many lives but other impacts have taken over the country’s economy. The country earns a huge amount from tourism and the tourism has paused completely. This is why the country is facing a huge loss.

UAE had people from all over the world coming to visit and experience what it had to offer. People mostly visited Dubai for many reasons, it is not a dry place at all. Dubai has skyscrapers, beaches, luxurious hotels, adventurous activities, water parks, and whatnot. People chose Dubai over other many cities around the world because it can be visited on a budget. The visa process is not very hard. The place is rich in Arab culture, it has museums and infrastructure that represents Arab culture. The food has a lot of variety, from Arab to Pakistan you get everything. The variety includes French cuisine, Turkish cuisines, American eateries, Indian cuisines, Chinese, Vietnamese, you name it you get it. This is why the UAE has always been one of the most topmost chosen countries by the people of the world. It is one of the safest countries in the world. The life before corona was full of colors, people meeting and socializing with other people and looking for endless job opportunities, keeping the food places busy, the beaches busy. Getting into activities such as hoteling, sky diving, scuba diving, and whatnot. The streets were busy, malls were busy, food courts, water parks. Since the place is budget-friendly, it is easier to avail of many adventurous activities at cheap rates and this is why people from all over the world have always chosen UAE. All of this amazing experience was available in UAE but the corona outbreak occurred and changed everything.

The people coming from all over the world cannot anymore travel to this beautiful region because the flights have stopped operating because of the strict lockdown. The hotels stopped accommodating people, traveling restrictions got imposed. Social distancing had to be maintained to control the further outbreak of the virus. The economy crashed because tourism suffered. People who worked in places like hotels and restaurants that mainly daily life services lost their jobs. The companies were now downsizing the employees. It’s hard to maintain a standard lifestyle in the UAE because it’s not easy to live there permanently. One needs to have a stable source of income and people no longer had it.

The international travel is still uncertain, the country can overcome the losses through tourism only but this uncertainty is not letting the people travel. The busiest streets have now become quiet. The food places have been shut down. The busy life has now become less busy. It’s hard for the people to survive because it is better to have a plan or routine in a place like UAE because staying at home becomes hard, the expenses increase. It’s extremely hot in the region and the electricity bills are not easy to pay. The people are providing financial aid to those who are in need but the population is a lot and more people are needed to be catered. The state is constantly informing the people to maintain social distancing. The disinfection of the public places and facilities such as the metro is being done. The schools will get disinfected as well. There have been a number of schools that have already been disinfected. Some malls are open for public but that too with a limited number of customers at a time to avoid large gatherings as it is riskier to be around places where there are a larger number of people because the virus is extremely contagious

The immigrants have been stuck, people are losing their jobs and can’t leave for their countries because of international travel ban which is extremely uncertain. The immigrants who come for work only are suffering the most. The work immigrants are poor people who move to this region for better job opportunities so that they can provide a better lifestyle to their families back in their countries. The work immigrants are losing their jobs, people who work in hotels or provide services daily are not able to work because of the coronavirus outbreak. They can’t even go back to their countries. It has become extremely hard for the work immigrants to manage the rents and daily expenses. The landlords are not letting the people stay in the houses until they pay. However, it is highly important to overcome corona so that people can go back to their jobs and live their lives peacefully. The tourists and work immigrants got visa extensions because of the COVID-19 situation in the country. People are doing charity work so that they can people who are in need. The people who came as tourists are also stuck in the country and are willing to move back to their countries. The work immigrant already sacrifice a lot on love and family and move to a new country for work opportunities and the pandemic has made it worse with no jobs and expenses to live.

The kids and students are now taking classes online because they cannot go to school or universities. They are getting homework the same way they used to get while they went to school. The reason they can’t be sent to school is that they are more prone to the virus and the virus is extremely contagious. The students are missing face-to-face lectures by their teacher. The assignments are a little hard because now they can’t get face-to-face guidance about their assignments such as essay writing. In this case, the students are looking for online assignment help and are opting for assignment writing service that are providing those academic help in UAE. This writing service is extremely helpful for the students as the writing services have the best writing experts that very well understand the needs of their customers. The students are generally very stressed out because they are not allowed to go out and meet friends or participate in any form of physical activity. This is leading to aggression and other behavioral problems. The government decides on having a survey on behaviors of the people, post corona so that they can know the productivity of the people.


The doctors are constantly struggling to battle coronavirus in different parts of the country, many hospitals have been declared corona free but more efforts are needed to eliminate the virus. The doctors are also constantly spreading awareness about the severity of the virus. There have been a number of tests done so far. The medical centers are being provided with excellent facilities so that the people of the UAE can stand against coronavirus outbreak. The country has faced a lot like every other country. People are worried about their mental health because the impact of the coronavirus is extremely negative on people’s mental health. The people are socializing with neighbors through balconies like every other part of the world. They are using social media to keep themselves connected with their loved ones. People are worried because of their children because it’s are to keep the little ones entertained. The government is also trying to encourage and aware of the people so they can manage the struggle of living through the pandemic.

The people from the entertainment sector are also facing a lot of difficulties because they can’t work from home online other people. It’s a blessing for those who are able to work from home as they are able to manage and deal the daily expenses. There are many activities that a person can involve themselves into so that they can focus on their mental health. They can meditate, exercise, and get involved in gaming in order to avoid depression, anxiety, and stress which have become extremely common these days due to the coronavirus outbreak. The living styles have changed, people are sacrificing on their luxuries and some are sacrificing on their necessities. The old people are also highly prone to the virus and should be taken care of.


The whole world is looking forward to come out of the difficult times. The whole process of getting rid of the virus will take time. People need to practice social distancing so that the spread gets controlled. Wearing masks and the use of sanitizer is a must. Staying at home is important and staying connected with the loved one through social media platforms is also extremely important to support them. The life has changed for everyone and it might take years to get back into the routine. Counties like UAE are dependent on tourism and pandemics kills tourism the most but it’s for a fact that when everything gets back to normal, UAE will flourish again, UAE has always created countless job opportunities for people from all over the world. It has been home to many. People would still want to invest in the country once the pandemic is over. Everyone can fight this outbreak off by three simple steps, social distancing, hygiene through sanitizers, and staying at home. The world will become corona free if people are consistent and motivated to find against it.

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