UAE is home to many expats and approx. 88.52% of the UAE population is based on expatriates, whereas emiratis are only 11.48% in the whole UAE. According to the latest research conducted by assignment writing service, India’s residents contribute a large part of expats in the UAE. Many expats are returning to their originated countries for several reasons. The most hard-hitting impact will be seen in Dubai built on foreign residents’ existence contributing about 90% expat population. In a study conducted on UAE employment by academic help in UAE, it was uncovered that 900,000 jobs would be lost.


An expat shared her story residing in Dubai for 25 years named Sarah Sisson; she decided within less than a month to end her journey in Dubai. She came to the international city as a teenage child with her father, who was a pilot for emirates and never left. Now she has moved back to Australia at the age of 39.  The reason for leaving Dubai after an extended stay was the high life, she owned a small café and also worked on freelance as a Human Resource consultant. Even after working this hard, life was not manageable, and she also stated that there is no safety provided for the expats. If she took the same money back to Australia as per Sarah, they would be offered medical insurance and free education for her children even in the worst scenarios.

This is not only a single expat problem, but millions of expats living in the gulf are forced to move out. The pandemic has set new economic adjustments, making it harder for the foreigners to settle down in the gulf. Many foreigners lived in UAE without citizenship or the right of permanent residency and any hard-time benefits provided as a relief.

The news is filled with Pakistani, Indians, and Afghani employers leaving back to their countries on refugee flights. The expats will find employment in their originated countries or move out to those countries which provide good employment options, health insurance, citizenship or permanent residence, free education for their children, and social security in terms of economic crisis or global health crises. Many middle-class residents can influence a downward path for the economy of the UAE as many business sectors depend on these professional workers running the business like restaurants, luxury goods, schooling, and medical centers will all be harmful if the people left.

 Many gulf governmental bodies force expats to leave; a recent example can be taken of Kuwait’s Prime minister, who is motivating the foreigners to go back to their countries to provide jobs to their residents. But if we take a proper estimate for Dubai, then its economy depends on the role of tourism, business hub, trading, and all. If foreigners leave or if Dubai gets a bad image in the eyes of the Expats. It will see significant economic crises in the up-coming time.

In the worst situation of COVID-19, the UAE has allowed automatic extensions to expire residence holders and removed the work-permit fee and fines to ease the foreigner’s lives. After this improvement, the higher ratio of unemployed people is encouraged to take interest-free loans and repayment breaks for struggling families and businesses. According to academic help in UAEthe COVID-19 has worsened the situation, and since UAE had no benefits planned for the expats, the job for many families and workers has gotten hard, and many people faced a case of hand to mouth crises.


We have availed these details by cheap essay writing service in UAE, the current challenge of expats is affording all necessities.  In the initial stage, Dubai was tax-free, which attracted many residents and business owners towards it. According to a New-York-based consultant mercer, by 2013, Dubai was ranked as the 90th most expensive living place for expats. Today it’s the 23rd, which makes it the higher price city in the Middle East. It managed to slip its place from 23rd to 21st as the rentals decreased because of over-supply.

Education is very costly in Dubai, whereas most countries offer free-education with the same quality in academics. Dubai has always thought about significant fancy buildings and expensive malls, sky-scrapers, and entertainment zones, but it has never thought about the expats livings or ease the rules on expats. The economy boomed and gloom before the 2008 global crises name “The Great Depression,” and even today, it has its negative impact in the UAE. The expo 2020 was expected to bring 25 million visitors, which would benefit the economy, but the COVID-19 has not only postponed this event but forced millions of expats to pack up and leave.

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